3 Great Guinea Pig Playpen Ideas

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Guinea pigs love exploring, and lots of pig parents make use of an indoor or outdoor playpen to extend their floor space whenever someone is home to watch them.

A playpen is a fun way for your guinea pigs to get their daily workout while zipping through the new area, that you can set up in different ways with houses and tunnels for them to explore.

If you’re looking for a nice, safe, and fun playpen for your guinea pigs, that is compact and easy to pack away while not being used, this is the guide for you.

Here are the best playpen ideas, based on our  personal experience.

1. Pop-Open Exercise Playpens

Multi-colored guinea pig playpen

These playpens are great for indoor and outdoor use, and some even come with a cover so your guinea pigs are shaded from the sun and safe from winged predators.

There are a lot of great options to choose from here, but essentially bigger means better.

You may have to consider getting a tarp or similar waterproof layer, if you want to set it up indoors, but for outdoor use this isn’t necessary.

2. Playpens Made of Metal Wire Sheets

MidWest guinea pig cage used as playpen

This solution is commonly used for large guinea pig enclosures, as well as forming the habitat of other pets. They are truly one of the best options for both temporary and permanent habitats, as the metal wire sheets are modular and fully customizable.

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Simply set the playpen up the way you want it, lay down a tarp beneath a fleece liner, and your guinea pigs will have hours of fun exploring their new area.

If you opt for this type of playpen, be aware that metal wire sheets are usually sold as storage shelves, so you may not find them in pet stores. One way to get these at an affordable price, is on Amazon. Simply search for “metal grid cage”, and you’ll have tons of options to pick from.

3. Corrugated Roll (Wait… What?)

Roll of corrugated cardboard

Yes, that’s right, with a roll of corrugated cardboard, a liner, and a tarp, you can create a fun playpen for your guinea pigs to run around in.

Guinea pigs are usually not challenging the barriers of an enclosure, so this is a great choice for indoor use, and very easy to set up and pack away after use. Simply roll it back together, fold the liner, and you’ve got it all sorted in a minute.

A roll of corrugated cardboard is available at local hardware stores, but can also be ordered online from Amazon.

Steps to Setting up a Safe Playpen Indoors and Outdoors

Before setting up a playpen for your guinea pigs, there are a few things worth considering in order to ensuring their safety.

Below are some pointers that’ll help you set up a playpen that’s both fun and safe for your guinea pigs to enjoy.


  • Make sure there’s water, pellets, and hay available for them at all times.
  • Lay out a tarp and a fleece liner, so the floors aren’t stained by their urine, and your guinea pigs stay dry.
  • Make sure they have plenty if houses and places to hide and relax, so they feel safe and comfortable all the time.
  • Don’t leave them out of sight, unless the playpen is durable and doesn’t move around.
  • Monitor them closely to see if they start gnawing on the playpen. Especially if the playpen has been painted or treated.
  • Make sure the cage isn’t set up in any direct sunlight, and isn’t exposed to any drafts.


  • Make sure there’s water, pellets, and hay available for them at all times.
  • Set up a house that isn’t directly on the ground, so the guinea pigs can get off the ground if they wish to.
  • ALWAYS monitor your guinea pigs when they’re outside, unless their playpen is secured against predators of all kinds.
  • Keep your guinea pigs away from cold ground or wet grass, as it can make them sick.
  • Don’t set up their playpen on an area that’s just been mowed. Cuttings may contain oil or other lubricants, that aren’t safe for them to eat.
  • Always test the playpen first, to see if it’s durable enough to withstand sudden weather changes and strong winds, especially if you’re in an area where it occurs often.

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