3 Best Outdoor Hutches for Guinea Pigs

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If there’s one thing guinea pigs love (besides munching all day every day), it is to explore new territory. And if you combine it with an unlimited supply of food, they’re in heaven and eternally thankful for your kindness.

An outdoor hutch is a great place to stay during the day for your pigs, allowing them to enjoy the fresh air and an unlimited food supply As long as there’s shade and the temperature is between 60 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit, they’ll enjoy zooming around in their new enclosure. Just make sure predators can’t get in there, and keep them under supervision.

For this particular guide I’ve been looking at hundreds of guinea pig runs, enclosures, and hutches, to find the best ones for a small herd of 2-4 animals.

And to be honest, I wasn’t impressed with most of these hutches. They were either too small or flimsy, so your guinea pigs would rather feel trapped instead of enjoying themselves.

I managed to find a few great options though, and I’ll talk about them below:

The top picks

Editor’s choice: PawHut 64″ Wooden Outdoor Hutch
This is pure luxury and heaven for any guinea pigs! A beautiful white wooden frame with an enclosed cover keep your guinea pigs safe throughout the day, and the house provides comfort in situations where they feel like taking a nap inside (they do nap a lot, to be honest).

Best value: MidWest Guinea Habitat Cage
This is not only a great outdoor hutch, but also a perfect cage for 2 guinea pigs. It features a removable top, and the entire cage is 100% modular so you can combine them and create a large enclosure for a bigger herd. For indoor use you’ll get a canvas bottom, that’s easily removed when you’re moving your pigs outside.

Also great: Trixie Outdoor Run With Mesh Cover
This is a perfectly sized guinea pig run, made of pine wood with a golden brown finish, that will make it last for a long time with no maintenance needed. You can put your own houses and beds inside this enclosure, and keep your guinea pigs happy while they’re munching on all the weeds!

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In-Depth Reviews of the Best Outdoor Hutches for Guinea Pigs

We’ve made sure these hutches are the best ones available, by asking our guinea pigs if they like them or not.

Below are the names of our panelists taking part in this review:

  1. Carlo (neutered male guinea pig and supposably the leader of the herd.)
  2. Bella (female guinea pig and the actual leader of the herd…)
  3. Alma (female guinea pig and scared of everything – except food.)
White painted wooden guinea pig outdoor hutch
Editor’s choice

PawHut 64″ Wooden Outdoor Hutch

  • Great size – covering 63.75 x 63.75 inches
  • House attached to one corner
  • Side door and top section open for easy access
  • Weather resistant fir wood

With this outdoor hutch your guinea pigs will be in heaven. It is not only beautiful on the outside, but on the inside as well. Your guinea pigs will feast their eyes upon a comfortable house that’ll make them safe and comfortable, and the ample outdoor run provides plenty of space for zooming, popcorning, and exploring.

Here’s what our panelists like/dislike:

  • Carlo: “I, as an alpha male has plenty of space to assert my dominance on – girls will fear me in this new territory, but they’ll get a corner each. The house seems sturdy, and doors seem practical.”
  • Bella: “I’m not sure the house accommodates more than one guinea pig – me – but I like the door opening and top lid, because our humans are able to feed us bigger portions. I’m hungry.”
  • Alma: “What? Where am I? Is this a dream? What’s all that green stuff? It seems nice – am I lost? So much space!”
MidWest guinea pig cage with a green canvas bottom
Best value

MidWest Guinea Habitat Cage

  • Modular cage – can be expanded if needed
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors with the waterproof canvas bottom
  • Has a removable top lid and doors on both sides

This is not only a great purchase for first time guinea pig owners, but also for breeders and those seeking a spare cage for outdoor runs and exploring new territories.

The MidWest hutch is super easy to assemble, and can be expanded with another set if needed. One set measures 47 x 24 inches, and serves as nice little guinea pig garden-getaway.

Here’s what our panelists like/dislike:

  • Carlo: “This seems familiar, but I should probably rumble strut to make sure the ladies have my respect, this cage is really nice, although a bit small — but I’ve heard it can be expanded.” *Looks at human*
  • Bella: “I like that it’s a modular cage, so I can go to my own section – the big one – and close the door when I’m bothered with the company.”
  • Alma: “This cage – I feel safe. Wonder if there’s food coming soon. I like the lid, but no shaded areas makes me scared. Human, are you giving me a house or some shade, place? I’m hungry…”
Wooden guinea pig cage with metal bars

Trixie Outdoor Run With Mesh Cover

  • Lavish open space for exploring and fun
  • Easy to move around and fold for storage
  • Side doors in both sides and a top lid allow for easy access

This outdoor guinea pig hutch is nice. We generally like Trixie products, but feel like some of them are a bit small.

The Outdoor Run measures 69 by 43 inches though, which is a good size for a small guinea pig herd of 2-4 guinea pigs.

Is is made from fir wood that’s been glazed with a nice golden brown finish, and it won’t require much maintenance.

Here’s what our panelists like/dislike:

  • Carlo: “I like this area *zoom zoom* I also like this area *zoom zoom* yes, plenty of space for me to get my daily workout! I do like to lay down once in a while when I’m not asserting my dominance or patrolling, so a few houses and some shade would be nice.”
  • Bella: “This outdoor hutch seems a bit open, my delicate skin needs shade, my human must bring me some shade before my precious feet touch the ground inside this hutch.”
  • Alma: “The colors remind me of my childhood, which I can’t remember, I’m almost 5 years old you know. But I like it. Now I feel like chattering my teeth, because I’m hungry again.”

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