The Best Large Guinea Pig Cages

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Guinea pigs need a large cage to stay happy and healthy. Luckily there are plenty of great options, and they aren’t even expensive. We generally recommend you to steer clear of any plastic-bottom cages sold in pet stores, because we think most of them are simply too small. Even though they meet the “minimum requirements”, we believe you (and your guinea pigs) are better off with a bigger, cheaper, and better cage.

We’ve been searching above and beyond for large guinea pig cages, and with a little creativity and ingenuity you can actually make your pigs a fantastic habitat without breaking your budget.

In this guide I’ll take you through some of the most popular options, that we believe make for great guinea pig cages.

Metal Wire Sheet Cages

Metal wire sheet cage with a black canvas bottom

These large cages are often referred to as “C and C cages”, or simply “grid cages”. They are some of the most popular types of guinea pig cages, because of their ability to adjust to whatever vacant space you have.

Check out these ideas on Pinterest to get an understanding of how other guinea pig parents create large cage setups from metal wire sheets, there’s really no limits, and all you need to add is a bottom made of coroplast, which is available at most hardware stores anywhere.

With this setup you can make a really large guinea pig cage/enclosure, that is perfectly safe for your pigs and allow them to enjoy life. Later on you can expand it accordingly, if you happen to adopt more guinea pigs or move it to a bigger space.

If you’re interested in a metal wire sheet cage, we recommend these setups:

The main differences between these two setups, are the metal wires. The SONGMICS cage has small grids, whereas the AmazonBasics has larger square grids. If you have guinea pig babies they might be able to escape or get stuck in those, but you can easily prevent this by placing a sheet of coroplast around the sides to shield off the little ones from the grids.

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MidWest Guinea Habitat – Large Modular Cage

MidWest guinea pig cage with a green canvas bottom

The MidWest Guinea Habitat is super popular for multiple reasons, one being the fact that it’s very affordable and comes with a waterproof PVC/canvas bottom, grids, and basically anything you need to get started. It is also expandable, and you can connect two or more cages in order to get a larger living space for your guinea pigs.

In other words: The MidWest Guinea Habitat becomes a really large cage, and your guinea pigs will definitely love it. It can be used with fleece liners as well as bedding, or a combination of both, depending on your preferences.

Is Bigger Always Better?

One thing that’s always being discussed across multiple websites and Facebook groups, is MINIMUM CAGE SIZE REQUIREMENTS. You’ve probably already found numerous cage size charts, thinking you’re all covered as long as you follow the minimum size estimates. However:

These are just what they claim to be – estimates. Guinea pigs need A LOT OF space, and the more the merrier, really. They’ll be much happier with a big cage, where they can move around and explore the elements.

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I’ll show you how our own cage evolved from a tiny looking pet store cage to a decent DIY cage made to fit right into its space, and what it meant for our guinea pigs.

First, a photo of our small pet store cage setup:

Small guinea pig cage with a gray plastic bottom

This was our starter cage when we adopted two guinea pigs. It’s been a few years since we had guinea pigs, so we had to get everything from new. This was the cage we settled on in the beginning, but quickly realized it was too small.

Here is our current setup:

Large homemade, wooden guinea pig cage

This is our current cage. It’s larger, and our 3 guinea pigs are much happier in this environment. We still think it’s on the small side though, but unfortunately we don’t have anymore space at the moment.

We’re currently working on a foldable playpen for them to explore during the day, which is a great idea for all guinea pigs, because it encourages them to be curious and active.

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