The Best Guinea Pig Tunnel

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Adding a tunnel to your guinea pig’s cage is a great idea. They’ll love to explore the tunnel and run back and forth in it, sleep in it, and hide in it.

Not all guinea pig tunnels are equally great though, and if you’re wondering what tunnels are the best on the market, this guide is for you.

As experienced guinea pig owners, we’ve had a good range of tunnels through time, and know what to look for.

1. Hand woven willow wig tunnel

Hand woven willow twig tunnel for guinea pigs

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Most guinea pigs love this type of tunnel because they can chew on it, hide under it, and stay comfortable.

It measures 8 x 10 x 7 inches, making it a properly sized tunnel for both large and small guinea pigs.

What we like: We love that this tunnel is made of 100% natural materials, that our guinea pigs can chew on with no risk of getting sick. It is well built and works very well in any cage.

What we miss: The tunnel could’ve been a few inches longer, and we never expect this type of tunnel to last very long, simply because guinea pigs like to chew on them.

2. Long tunnel made of polyester fabric

Long tunnel made of red polyester fabric for guinea pigs

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The Living World Hagen Tunnel is 35.4 inches long, and perfect for the playpen. We love that it has an extra entrance in the middle, granting the guinea pigs an additional way to get in and out.

What we like: The tunnel is very long, and part of a larger tunnel system that your guinea pigs can have fun exploring.

What we miss: Perhaps a bit too big for most enclosures, this tunnel is best suitable for a playpen or larger enclosure.

3. Foldable and flexible play tunnel

Purple, flexible plastic tunnel for guinea pigs

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The Niteangel Fun Tunnel measures 5.9 inches in diameter, and comes with three play balls that your guinea pigs can chew on and have fun with. It’s a flexible tunnel that you can expand up to 31.5 inches in length!

What we like: Flexible and versatile, and it works really well in both small and large cages. Available in multiple bright colors.

What we miss: Once (or if) your guinea pigs decide to chew on this tunnel, it might break into pieces quickly. And since it’s made of plastic, your guinea pig’s pee is unable to drain from the inside.

4. Natural hand-woven grass tunnel

Guinea pig tunnel made from natural hand-woven grass

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The Prevue Hendryx 1098 Nature’s Hideaway Grass Tunnel is a great choice for those who want a guinea pig tunnel made of natural materials. It measures 13.5 x 6 inches, and since it’s made of 100% couch grass, it’s perfectly edible.

What we like: The grass material is fully edible, and guinea pigs will surely enjoy resting inside while munching on the tunnel itself.

What we miss: Although we love natural tunnels, this doesn’t seem like the most durable one of the bunch. Don’t expect it to last long, but expect your guinea pigs to enjoy it!

5. Small T-shaped guinea pig tunnel

Small guinea pig tunnel with a red interior and cute exterior pet patterns

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With a diameter of just 3.94 inches, this tunnel is perfect for small guinea pigs. It is available with multiple patterns and colors, and it has three entrances. 

What we like: We love the colors and different patterns! It’s a cute tunnel in a compact size, perfect for small guinea pigs as well as youngsters.

What we miss: Some guinea pigs may outgrow this tunnel rather quickly, or be too big for it to work properly.

Things to consider when choosing a guinea pig tunnel

Below are a set of factors worth considering if you’re shopping for a tunnel to add to your guinea pig cage.

  • Pay attention to the diameter: Guinea pig tunnels come in many shapes and sizes, so make sure the tunnel is at least 4 inches in diameter, and that your guinea pig fits in it.
  • Choose the right material: If you don’t want your guinea pigs to eat the tunnel, choose one of plastic or cotton/polyester fabric.
  • Tube-shaped or not: Some tunnels are tube-shaped, so the guinea pigs will pee and poop onto the tunnel instead of onto the bottom of your cage. These tunnels need regular cleaning.

Choose a proper length: Some tunnels are longer than others. Make sure you measure your cage before ordering, and get a tunnel that fits your cage.

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