The Best Guinea Pig Travel Cages & Carriers

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Whether you’re bringing your guinea pigs along for a trip across several states or just down the corner to see a vet, they need a proper travel cage, carrier, or bag.

Travel carriers provide a nice, safe enclosure where they can feel comfortable while you’re taking them from point A to point B.

There’s a ton of travel cages and carriers available for guinea pigs, but which one is best? 

We’re used to traveling with our guinea pigs, and through years of experience we know exactly what they need on both short- and long-range travels.

1. Classic yet versatile MidWest guinea pig travel carrier

Large blue/grey plastic travel cage for guinea pigs

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You just can’t go wrong with this type of guinea pig travel carrier. For several reasons: It’s sturdy, lightweight, versatile, easy to handle, and big enough to hold two guinea pigs at a time.

It is also big enough to fit small dog breeds, cats, rabbits, and birds.

What we like: The plastic bottom ensures that no liquids pass through, and because it’s covered your guinea pigs will feel safe inside this carrier. There is proper ventilation on all sides, and a handle on top for one-hand carrying.

What we miss: This isn’t exactly the lightest travel cage, neither is it the easiest to handle on a regular basis. The door requires a bit of fiddling to open and close, and it requires a rather large space for storage.

2. Lightweight guinea pig travel carrier

Guinea pig travel carrier with mesh sides and carrying handles

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The Henkelion Guinea Pig Travel Carrier is not only guinea pig-friendly, but also TSA airline approved for cats and small dogs. Your guinea pigs will love this neat little travel bag, as it’s both soft and comfortable for them to use. It features a carrying handle as well as a shoulder strap, and you can open it on all sides.

What we like: We love that you can open this travel bag on all sides, and that it has a transparent polyester mesh for proper ventilation. It also comes with a soft 3-layer mat for the bottom.

What we miss: This guinea pig travel bag is probably not the best choice if you’re travelling over greater distances, as it would quickly get smelly from the pee seeping into the wooden bottom board.

3. Premium guinea pig carrier with a foldable water bowl

Premium guinea pig travel carrier in black and grey colors

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The PetAmi Premium carrier is a great choice when traveling with guinea pigs. It has a nice, comfortable bottom as well as proper ventilation on all sides, and with the foldable water bowl they’ll always have access to water.

What we like: This guinea pig travel carrier comes in many exciting colors, and it’s the perfect choice for vet visits as well as short-range travels. The water bowl is really nice because it folds flat and is easy to use whenever you stop over for a break.

What we miss: The travel carrier does not have a waterproof bottom, so you need to add an extra layer of protection if you’re planning on travelling over longer distances.

4. Innovative guinea pig travel backpack

Black-gray guinea pig travel backpack

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If you’re making your way to the vet by public transportation or on your bike, the Petsfit Carrier Backpack is a great choice. Not only does it suit up to two guinea pigs at once, but also a small dog or cat. It has mesh sides for perfect ventilation, as well as multiple openings.

What we like: It’s a backpack for guinea pigs. What else could you wish for? With this travel bag you can easily bring your guinea pigs anywhere, even if you don’t have a car available. The perfect way to transport your guinea pigs on a bike OR by public transportation!

What we miss: This is probably not suitable for use on any hot summer days, as the travel bag only provides limited protection for your guinea pigs. It isn’t useful on cold days either, unless you add a cover to keep them warm.

5. Comfortable travel cage for 2-3 guinea pigs

Compact guinea pig travel cage with a house, bottle, bowl, and hay rack

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The Ferplast Cavie cage is not an actual travel carrier, but it can certainly be used as one for long-range traveling. Imagine traveling across multiple states while bringing your guinea pigs — they’ll need food, water and rest while you focus on driving the car. With this cage you can bring 2-3 guinea pigs with you on almost any trip you can imagine.

What we like: This is an actual guinea pig cage, but a small one, which makes it perfect as a travel cage. It grants them plenty of space to move around, eat, drink and relax while you focus on driving the car to your destination.

What we miss: It is neither lightweight nor compact, and you can’t carry it in one hand. It takes up a good amount of space in the trunk, so make sure it fits your car before ordering.

How to travel safely with your guinea pigs

Travelling with guinea pigs is easy, because they’re timid animals that aren’t making a mess inside your car.

If you keep them in a travel carrier, they’ll do fine on shorter distances. On longer distances though, you’ll have to make sure they have access to some water and food.

Guinea pigs need to eat and drink regularly, to keep their system going and stay healthy. They can’t go long without water and food, so keeping them safe during travel requires that you consider their needs for regular meals.

If you’re travelling for more than 1 hour, consider the following:

  • Bring cucumber slices or watermelon slices for hydration.
  • Add a bowl of pellets to their travel carrier.
  • Add a pile of hay for them to hide in and eat.
  • Consider bringing some vegetables if you’re traveling for more than 24 hours at a time.
  • Secure the travel carrier with a seat belt if possible.
  • Avoid placing your guinea pigs in direct sunlight.
  • Keep your guinea pigs shielded from any cold drafts from your car’s A/C.
  • Never leave your guinea pigs alone inside your car on a hot summer day. All it takes is 10 minutes for the temperature to rise above 100 degrees Fahrenheit inside the car.

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