The Best Guinea Pig House, Hideout, & Bed

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Guinea pigs love to hide in any house or hideout they have access to, and they love snuggling down in their bed for extra comfort and relaxation.

They need this feeling of safety and comfort that any hideout gives them, so providing at least one place to hide per guinea pig is always recommended.

If you’ve been searching for the best guinea pig house online, you’re probably feeling overwhelmed by the vast amount of options you’re presented with.

As experienced guinea pig owners we reviewed all kinds of hideouts, in order to identify the best ones.

1. Wooden guinea pig house

Wooden guinea pig house with a window

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The Prevue Pet Products wooden guinea pig house is a nice one. It fits neatly into the corner of any cage, and it’s available in multiple sizes. The house is made from unvarnished plywood boards, and it has extra holes to secure proper ventilation inside.

What we like: This corner unit is stylish and fits most guinea pig cages perfectly. It has a natural look, and comes in many different sizes.

What we miss: It only has one entrance, which in some cases is considered a disadvantage, especially if your guinea pigs are known to be dominant towards one another.

2. Guinea pig bed made of soft polar fleece

Grey guinea pig bed made from fleece fabric

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A soft fleece bed is loved by most guinea pigs. It gives them a sense of security as well as comfort because of the soft material, and the shape makes them feel at ease. Hideouts of this type come in many shapes, colors and sizes, such as the cute JanYoo guinea pig beds, and stylish WOWOWMEOW guinea pig beds.

What we like: Being soft and snuggly, this guinea pig bed will quickly become very popular among your four-legged friends. It comes in many decorative shapes and colors, and your guinea pigs are guaranteed to love them.

What we miss: This type of guinea pig bed gets messy and smelly quite fast, and therefore requires more cleaning and maintenance than bottomless houses and hideouts. Some guinea pigs like to chew on the fleece as well, so we recommend only getting one in the beginning and give it a test to see how your guinea pigs react to it.

3. GuineaDad cardboard house

GuineaDad cardboard house for guinea pigs

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The GuineaDad Crunchy Condo Hideaway is a fun guinea pig house, featuring one or two entrances. It is easily assembled with just a bit of tape, and it looks great for a long period of time. You get three of these houses in a package, so there are plenty of houses to go around.

What we like: These houses are fun and lightweight, and they can easily collapse if you don’t need them. They make great temporary guinea pigs houses, and they work well in a playpen or large, open area.

What we miss: Because it’s made of regular cardboard, it doesn’t do well with large amounts of pee. Some guinea pigs like to chew on them as well, so don’t expect them to last for more than 1-2 months at a time, depending on how much they’re used.

4. Fleece corner hideout for guinea pigs

Corner hideout for guinea pigs in red-brown colors

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The Snewvie Guinea Pig Hideout is a fun hideout for all metal grid and bar cages. They can easily be attached on most cages, and make for a great, properly ventilated hideout for your guinea pigs.

What we like: We love how decorative and neat this corner hideout is, and in contrast to guinea pig houses it offers a nice and light hiding area for your guinea pigs. The height is easily adjusted too, by simply cutting the fleece to the length that fits your cage.

What we miss: It has limited use, and in order to work properly your cage must be placed in a corner with the hideout attached in one of the inner corners. Some guinea pigs like to chew on fleece too, and if your cage doesn’t have grids or bars you can’t really attach it anywhere.

5. Hand woven willow twig hideout

Hand woven willow twig hideout for guinea pigs

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While not exactly a guinea pig house, the hand woven willow twig hideout is a great addition to any cage. It functions as a tunnel as well as a hideout, and you can place it wherever you want and make use of it for multiple purposes.

What we like: Because it’s made of a natural material, it is safe for your guinea pigs to chew on. Most guinea pigs do like to chew, and with this hideout they can both chew and hide as well. It comes in different sizes, with the biggest measuring 8 x 10 x 7 inches.

What we miss: It isn’t the longest tunnel on the market, and bigger guinea pigs might not be able to use it as a house or hide fully underneath it. Expect your guinea pigs to chew on it too, but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

6. Imitated tree trunk guinea pig house

Tree trunk plastic house for guinea pigs

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The Kaytee Natural Tree Trunk is a decorative guinea pig house shaped as a tree trunk and made from a wood and plastic composite material.

It comes in different sizes, and you can easily cut an extra entrance or windows if you want better ventilation inside.

What we like: The natural look and details make it a great choice for those wanting a cage that looks natural, without having to worry about guinea pigs destroying things they’re not supposed to.

What we miss: Because the house is made from a wood and plastic composite material, air flow is restricted and it might get hot inside the house occasionally. Some guinea pigs don’t do well with houses that have just one entrance, especially not if one is extremely dominant.

How many houses and hideouts do your guinea pigs need?

As a rule of thumb you should have at least one house or hideout per guinea pig. If they’re often fighting or squabbling over their spaces, we recommend getting an additional house, bed or hideout, and perhaps consider a larger cage, since fighting is often caused by a lack of space.

It is also worth noting that houses and hideouts should always have at least two entrances, so guinea pigs can escape trouble instead of having to face a confrontation if being cornered.

Guinea pigs usually don’t like to cuddle up right next to each other, which is why they’re most often resting in separate houses and hideouts. It isn’t because they don’t like each other, they just appreciate having a bit of personal space.

How do you find the best guinea pig house?

Fortunately there are lots of great guinea pig houses on the market, and not all of them are shaped like houses. You can also find hideouts shaped like other animals, beds made from a soft, cushioned material, and fleece curtains that you can attach to a corner to give them a safe spot to relax.

In order to find the best house for your guinea pigs to hide in, here are a few pointers on what to look for.

  • If your guinea pigs are often squabbling over their houses, make sure they have more than one entrance. That way they can always get away from each other without getting cornered.
  • Make sure the house or hideout is properly ventilated if you live in a hot/humid area. That usually means no fleece beds, and no plastic houses.
  • Realize that houses aren’t made to last forever, because most guinea pig will probably start chewing on them eventually.
  • Be aware of the size; If your guinea pigs are very young, they are likely to outgrow a small house.

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