6 Best Guinea Pig Cages for 2 Pigs

Guinea pigs are herd animals, and as such they need at least one life companion to share their little secrets with. However, if you know a thing or two about guinea pigs, you’ve probably noticed that guinea pigs don’t seem very fond of each other.

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People tend to think guinea pigs don’t like each other because of how often they appear to be fighting, but that’s just how guinea pigs are. They have a natural way of saying “I like you, but I don’t like being too close to you”. Head butting, rumble strutting and alike are commonly seen among guinea pigs while socializing and having discussions about important things.

While guinea pigs are indeed social animals in need of at least one cage buddy, you have to buy a proper habitat with plenty of room for both of them to have their own private space. This is actually super important, because if the cage is too small they will get agitated and probably start fighting over the limited space you’re offering them. So besides getting the most important basic supplies for your guinea pigs, you’ll have to make sure the cage is big enough.

You also want it to be practical so that it’s easy to clean and move around, because you ARE going to do a lot of cleaning. Guinea pigs may seem like clean animals, but in fact they are super messy.

So, in order to accommodate two little piggies, what do you need?

In this buying guide we’ve reviewed and hand picked our top 6 favorite cages that we think are suitable for two guinea pigs. We’ve also given a few tips at the bottom of the article to those of you DIY’ers who want to make your own.

Affordable Grid Wire Cage Suitable for Semi-DIY Setups

Editor’s choice

AmazonBasics 6 Cube Grid Wire Storage

  • Great budget-friendly choice
  • Easy to set up and customize the way you want it
  • Modular – expand it whenever you want

What we like: If you like having a bit of control over your build while still keeping it easy and affordable, the AmazonBasics 6 Cube Grid Wire Storage Shelves does the trick. Although it’s marketed as storage shelves, you can build it any way you want to – and make a cage of the exact size and shape that suit your floor space.

After you’ve put it together, all you need is a pair of coroplast sheets to form the bottom of your new cage, and you’ll have two happy guinea pigs in a properly sized cage.

Based on the experience we have with keeping guinea pigs, we believe this is the perfect solution for any semi-DIY’ers who like to add a personal touch without having to build it all entirely from scratch.

All you need to know: The AmazonBasics 6 Cube Grid Wire Storage Shelves are very popular and commonly used as a semi-DIY guinea pig cage.

You’ve probably seen tons of these sold under names like “C&C guinea pig cage” or “grid wire guinea pig cage”, but they’re all basically the same thing.

The grid wire panels included measure 14 by 14 inches each, and are interlocked by plastic connectors, of which you get 26 included in the package.

If you want, you can buy a bag of cable ties to secure the grids further, but this is mainly necessary if you’re making a large cage.


  • Modular guinea pig cage
  • Each grid wire panel measures 14×14 inches
  • Weighs only 14.5 lbs in total

Lightweight Cage Suitable for 2 Piggies

Best value

MidWest Guinea Habitat

  • Lightweight cage
  • Comes with PVC-lined bottom
  • Has two living areas

What we like: This is a complete guinea pig cage including a very clever thought out solution for its bottom base. The PVC-lined canvas bottom is both water proof and comfortable for your guinea pigs to walk on, but what’s even better is how practical it is to keep clean: You simply detach it from the metal wire frames, and empty it over a trash bin. You can either add a fleece liner or wood shavings to the bottom in order to make a more comfortable and welcoming environment, which your guinea pigs would definitely appreciate. As such this is a great budget choice for those in need of a practical guinea pig cage for 2 piggies, and with the separated play- and care areas, it is easy to keep things apart.

Another great feature is the folding top, which keeps your guinea pigs enclosed and ensures there’s no access for other pets around the house. It is also a good choice for outdoor use, because the folding top keeps the guinea pigs safe from predators roaming the area.

All you need to know: Here’s another clever guinea pig cage in a simple and lightweight construction, that is easy to manage and store between uses. The cage is made of metal wire sheets that are easily detachable, and they sit on a bottom made from a water proof PVC-lined canvas. In other words, you don’t have to worry about anything leaking through to your floors, because this canvas bottom protects your floors and keep your guinea pigs comfortable as well.

There’s a foldable top included with this cage, which encloses your guinea pigs and keeps them safe in every environment you could think of. For that reason, the cage is recommended for outdoor use as a playpen, whenever the sun is out and temperatures invite for outdoor activities.

The cage is a modular model as well, making it able to connect to an additional model of the cage. That way you can expand your cage if needed, without having to get rid of your old cage.

You can also use it as an outdoor guinea pig hutch during the day, if you keep the top closed and keep it under supervision.


  • Foldable top keeps the guinea pigs safe
  • Detachable PVC canvas bottom
  • Expandable if a similar cage is bought and connected

Modular All-In-One Grid Wire Cage

SONGMICS Pet Playpen

  • Make it two-storey or one-storey
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Lightweight

What we like: The SONGMICS guinea pig cage consists of 36 metal wire sheets and enough connectors to keep them all together. The possibilities are literally endless with this setup, as you can either put it together as a 2-storey cage OR a large 1-storey cage with plenty of space for more than 2 guinea pigs to run around and have fun. We strongly believe that this guinea pig cage is the best among the best choices available online, and you shouldn’t hesitate buying it. It’s lightweight, it’s endlessly versatile, it’s airy, it’s also decorative, and practical to handle. For the bedding you could choose to have a piece of plywood coated with a sticker film of some kind, and on top of that you could have a fleece liner. That would make for a perfectly water proof base, which is also comfortable for the guinea pigs.

The metal wire sheets also make it easy to hang up their hay rack along with water bottle and different types of toys, etc.

All you need to know: This is a nice and simple guinea pig cage suitable for at least 2 guinea pigs, which is great.

You can either build it as a 2-storey cage, but if you want your guinea pigs to be really active, you might want to consider building it into a large 1-storey cage. It is also suitable as a playpen whenever you have your guinea pigs out of their regular cage, as it grants them plenty of space to run around and have fun exploring. Guinea pigs are quite curious by nature, so they will enjoy having this as either a cage or a playpen to explore.

Within the package you’ll find 36 metal wire sheets along with 40 ABS connectors, 100 cable ties, 12 non-slip mats (you can purchase those in any warehouse nearby as well), a rubber mallet and a manual.

There’s no base included with this cage, so it’s up to you whether you want to invest in a plywood sheet and stick a water proof foil onto the surface along with some fleece cage liners, or perhaps just put a tarp underneath a layer of wood shavings.


  • Modular guinea pig cage
  • Measures 56.3 x 28 x 28.7 inches in a 2-storey setup
  • Each metal wire sheet measures 13.8 x 13.8 inches
  • Weighs only 18.96 lbs in total

This Guinea Pig Cage Has a Built-In House

Living World Deluxe Habitat

  • House makes your piggie safe
  • Top is closed
  • Hay guard and water bottle included

What we like: This is a complete solution for those in need of a robust and beautiful guinea pig cage with a hard bottom suitable for wood shavings. The thing about wood shavings is that they end up all over the house, because your guinea pigs run around and in general are messy animals. The tall edges make sure the wood shavings are contained, and it makes for a robust bottom base that doesn’t require any additional sheets to stay water proof. The house included makes for a great hiding place, and it even has a small place on its roof, which is a great place to put the bowl of pellets that every guinea pig need. This guinea pig cage is a great choice for 2 guinea pigs, and it comes with a foldable roof which is easily opened, as well as a door in front of the cage.

All you need to know: Here’s a nice, practical and robust guinea pig cage suitable for 2 piggies. It has a bottom of hardened plastic, and a top consiting of sturdy metal wire frames in modules that are easy to detach for storage purposes.

The cage has a roof which is able to open if you need to access the cage, and the bottom tray detaches from the cage as well. This makes it easy to clean the cage, because you simply lift the tray and empty it directly into the trash bin or into a garbage bag.

It comes in different sizes, but we recommend the XL-model for 2 guinea pigs. They need a decent amount of space in order to get just a bit of exercise, and this cage does live up to the minimum requirements.

There’s a water bottle and hay rack included with this cage, and the assembly doesn’t require any tools.


  • Tool-free assembly
  • Foldable roof gives easy access for cleaning
  • Water bottle and hay rack included
  • House included

AmazonBasics Guinea Pig Cage Comes With a Large Platform

AmazonBasics Guinea Pig Cage

  • Affordable
  • Platform included
  • All basic necessities included

What we like: Amazon stepped up their game recently with the launch of AmazonBasics products, which now includes a practical and affordable guinea pig cage as well. The cage ressembles most cages sold for guinea pigs, but it offers a little extra bang for your buck with the nice large platform included along with the water bottle, hay rack and feeding bowl. The platform provides a nice, big, open hiding place for your guinea pigs, as well as giving them a clean place to eat their food. We definitely recommend this cage for those on a budget seeking an affordable yet spacious habitat for 2 guinea pigs.

All you need to know: Here’s a budget friendly guinea pig cage with all the basic necessities included, such as a water bottle, food bowl, a hay rack and a large platform providing a safe space to hide underneath.

The cage has a plastic bottom which is easy to empty and clean out on a regular basis, as well as a detachable top made from robust metal wire sheets. There’s a door on front of this cage, but it opens on the top as well.

The Jumbo-model measures 48.6 by 26.6 by 20.6 inches and weighs 18.7 pounds, and comes with an AmazonBasics limited 1-year warranty.

This guinea pig cage is a sensible choice for beginners, who just got their first guinea pigs and need a high quality cage at a reasonable price.


  • Water bottle, hay rack and food bowl included
  • Plastic platform included
  • Top and front openings
  • Detachable top

Prevue 528 Guinea Pig Cage Is a Perfect Spare Cage

Prevue 528 Guinea Pig Cage

  • Suitable for beginners
  • Fits 2 small guinea pigs
  • Also suitable as temporary cage for 1-2 piggies

What we like: The Prevue 528 is a small cage, yet still very practical and a great choice for those in need of a robust spare cage for the guinea pig herd. You might ask “what do I need a spare cage for?”, and the answer would be: You need it for when you’re cleaning their primary cage, yet don’t want them running around across your floors. This cage makes for a great second home, where they can stay comfortable and have a place to hide while you get your hands dirty during the cleaning of their main cage. It is also a great holiday cage to bring along when family and/or friends take care of your piggies in shorter periods of time, as it is both lightweight and easy to assemble/disassemble. Besides being suitable for 2 guinea pigs, this cage is a great choice for other small rodents as well.

All you need to know: Here’s a practical guinea pig cage suitable for temporary use during cleaning of their main cage, or during those holiday periods where you’re travelling and need to bring your piggies to a caretaker in the meantime.

The cage consists of a robust bottom of black plastic, which is easy to keep clean and makes sure their mess is somewhat contained inside the cage. The top is of course detachable, and it can be disassembled during transportation. It is made from metal wire sheets, and it has a large opening on the front.

There’s a platform included with this guinea pig cage, which gives them a safe hiding place as well as a platform for their food bowl and veggies.


  • Practical size for temporary housing of 2 guinea pigs
  • Robust plastic bottom
  • Platform included
  • Entry doors on the front and on top

Things You NEED to Know About Guinea Pig Cages

It is super important to get your guinea pigs the biggest cage possible. That way they will feel better, and they will get the workout they need to keep their adorable little bodies in shape.

Here’s a bit of common knowledge about guinea pig cages and their habitats in general:

Most guinea pig cages are too small.

Yep, that’s true. With the exception of modular cages, most plastic-bottom cages are too small for two or more guinea pigs. They may get along just fine in one of these cages, but you have to keep an eye on their weight and general wellbeing to ensure that they are thriving.

One thing you can do, is to buy one of these super cheap snapset pools, and use them as a playpen for your piggies.

Guinea pigs need places to hide.

Your guinea pigs are prey animals, and therefore they need somewhere to hide if they get scared. If they don’t have anywhere to hide properly, they may get stressed and uncomfortable.

One great idea to keep in mind, is to only get hideaways with more than one entrance. That way your guinea pigs are always able to escape, if their cage buddy decides to invade their private space.

Guinea pigs need access to unlimited amounts of hay

Hay is a stable, and as such is needs to be accessible for your guinea pigs 24/7/365. You cannot, I repeat, cannot keep guinea pigs without having a sufficient supply of hay.

Guinea pigs use hay as a source of fiber, but they also chew on hay to keep their teeth from growing too big. They are rodents after all, and they need to chew on things to keep their teeth in proper shape.

One way to make sure you don’t waste large amounts of hay, is to get a hanging dispenser and fill it up with hay from time to time. That way your piggies have access to hay all the time, and you won’t have to waste too much of it.

Choose a well ventilated cage and reduce smell

Guinea pigs are messy animals. They poop and pee everywhere, especially in the corners where they usually spend most of their time hanging around.

If you want to keep your cage nice and odorless for the longest time possible, it needs to be well ventilated. C&C-type cages will usually have proper ventilation, but for other cage types you may want to switch their hideaways around to keep the air flowing throughout the cage.

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